Course 4, Week 3, Assignment 1: No module named 'keras'

Hmmm, when did you first sign up for the DLS specialization? The first step would be to try the “Get a Fresh Copy” procedure which is documented on the FAQ Thread.

If that doesn’t get you the new version, then my guess is that your account is somehow misconfigured. The next thing to try is to contact the Coursera Help Center and ask them to un-enroll you and then re-enroll you in the course to make sure you are in the current version. There’s a topic also on the FAQ Thread about how to contact the Coursera Help Center.

Just for reference, here’s what the “Import” cell at the beginning of the notebook should look like if you have the new (current) version:

import argparse
import os
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib.pyplot import imshow
import scipy.misc
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import PIL
from PIL import ImageFont, ImageDraw, Image
import tensorflow as tf
from tensorflow.python.framework.ops import EagerTensor

from tensorflow.keras.models import load_model
from yad2k.models.keras_yolo import yolo_head
from yad2k.utils.utils import draw_boxes, get_colors_for_classes, scale_boxes, read_classes, read_anchors, preprocess_image

%matplotlib inline

But this is about the fifth assignment in the course. Are you sure you didn’t have this kind of problem with any of the previous ones?