Course 4 Week 4-Assignemnt 2 Ex6

Unexpected cost for epoch 0: 29629.0546875 != 25629.055

I tried

  1. clearing kernel and running again
  2. Checking I have used **2 instead of tf.square in scaler values but nothing works.

Can someone help?

Please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

After you restarted the kernel and ran all of the cells, did your code for compute_layer_style_cost() pass all of its tests (in the cell below “#UNQ_C3”)?

yes I passed every test

Have you sent your code to Balaji?

@TMosh Got the code.

Here’s a hint for @Richa_Thacker:
The bug has to do with initialization of J_style inside compute_style_cost. It should not be initialized to 100. J_style represents the overall style cost across all layers.

Okay. Got it. Thanks
Now it is working fine