Course 5 week 1, Lstm_forward : could not broadcast


i am currently struggling to find the issue with this. I am guessing my initialization for c_next is wrong but i dont know what to do now. Notably, I did get the previous exercise of Lstm_cell_forward correct, can someone help?

By the way, my initialization for c_next is c_next = np.zeros((n_a, m)) (I posted it here because i believe it is wrong)

nevermind, abort the problem.

I simply used n_y in place of n_a in initialization of c, need to read more carefully next time.

Please don’t post your code even if you think it’s wrong. Posting error messages is fine.

The c_next value returned from lstm_cell_forward() is where you might want to look next.

I’m glad you solved the problem.

To those having a similar issue with c_next, you are advised to look at the order which the examples in red are given, then look at your code. The issue or order is not the same.