Course 5 Week 3 Assignment 1 modelf

Hello, in the routine modelf, how do we represent s_t-1 and c_t-1 ??

Iterate for 𝑑=0,β‹―,π‘‡π‘¦βˆ’1t=0,β‹―,Tyβˆ’1:

  1. Call one_step_attention(), passing in the sequence of hidden states [π‘ŽβŸ¨1⟩,π‘ŽβŸ¨2⟩,…,π‘ŽβŸ¨π‘‡π‘₯⟩][a⟨1⟩,a⟨2⟩,…,a⟨Tx⟩] from the pre-attention bi-directional LSTM, and the previous hidden state s<tβˆ’1> from the post-attention LSTM to calculate the context vector π‘π‘œπ‘›π‘‘π‘’π‘₯𝑑<𝑑>context.
    Give π‘π‘œπ‘›π‘‘π‘’π‘₯𝑑<𝑑>context to the post-attention LSTM cell.
  • Remember to pass in the previous hidden-state s⟨tβˆ’1⟩ and cell-states c⟨tβˆ’1⟩ of this LSTM

Those are the current s and c variables.
They’re updated as the β€œnext” values when the function returns.

When I try s, I get the following error on one_step_attention when I run the unit test:

Maybe the problem is with how you’re computing s_prev in one_step_attention().

@TMosh n one_step_attention, i compute s_prev as repeator(s_prev) which gives it the same shape as a. that’s what is the requirement. I i think that was ok

That seems OK.
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sent the notebook via DM…

I sent you a reply message.

For other students who find this thread, check that you’re using the correct function parameters for the units and states.

I am also getting this error. How did you solve this issue. According to the error the problem is with the concatenation step. Could you please help me?


See this line of code in one_step_attention()

Try using parenthesis instead of square brackets.

The square brackets make it a list, but the parenthesis make it a tuple. It might help.


I am getting the same error and I can’t figure out what could be wrong with my units and states parameters. I have passed the state as returned from the bidirectional lstm and the post-attention state that was initialized earlier and updated by the post_activation_lstm layer.

What am I missing?

There are at least two different errors discussed in this thread.
Which β€œsame error” do you have? Please post a screen capture image.


Should be an array (using square brackets) not a tuple (using parenthesis).

See if that helps.

I tried, still getting the same error.

Please post a new image of the error that shows your call to Bidirectional(…).

Also, did you save your notebook and the re-run the one_step_attention() cell, so that your changes were included?

The error does not show my call to Bidirectional(…), but here is the whole thing, in two images (sorry, my laptop screen is small)

I did re-run all the cells and the error is still there.

In one_step_attention(), did you use s_prev = repeator(s_prev)?

I asked to see your call to Bidirectional(…) for a reason.

I wanted to see how you are setting the β€œa” variable.