Course1 week 2 Programming Assignment exercise 5


I am getting following error

(Solution code removed by staff)

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Plz help. Thanks in advance

Hi @Shahzad_Satti,

I believe you have an issue with the brackets. You don’t have the closing bracket for the “sum”.

Also, posting solution code is against our honour code. I have removed it from your post.


Okay i am new hear so will take care of that.

Further, do we get assignment solution once we sumbit? like how do we know whats the correct solution(i didnt get any solution after i submitted the practice programming assignment)

Hi @Shahzad_Satti,

To help our learners better understand and navigate through Discourse, we have created this user guide as well. You can take a look at it when you find time.

And no, you’ll not be getting the solution code, not even after submission. The only way you’ll know that your solution is correct is through the feedback of the autograder.


Sorted out the issue…many Thanx :slight_smile:

The problem wasnt with syntax of “cost” function code but with the syntax of code line above the cost function. Dont know why python was giving error at cost function line :slight_smile:

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