Course2 Week3 Assignment Cost function shows error

I tried: [Code removed]

showing AssertionError: Test does not match. Did you get the mean of your cost functions?

my output: tf.Tensor(1.7668055, shape=(), dtype=float32)
expected output: tf.Tensor(0.8419182681095858, shape=(), dtype=float64)

Please guide how to solve this error

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I have the same issue here !! can any wan help us please .

Hey @nisu , you are using binary cross entropy loss, when the assignment clearly states to use categorical. Please make sure you are using the revised version of the assignment. You can find the instructions on how to do that in the first week of the course.

Also, Iā€™m going to remove your solution code.

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hey @SabriMahmoud , please make sure you are not doing the same.

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yes , it worked thank you @Mubsi

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