Course4-week 1 - Error in Grader in train_val_split function


Could someone please guide on the below error

All the outputs are coming exactly as the expected outputs , but still unable to understand the error.

Looking forward for the response.

Thanks in advance.

Grader metadata is missing in the cell containing definition of train_val_split. Refresh your workspace and try again.
See Refresh your Lab Workspace section here
If you’ve already done this, contact coursera help

Thank you for your time.

I tried refreshing and submitting the assignment again. But same error is showing.

Thanks a lot.

This happens since you’re using a global variable SPLIT_TIME when it’s possible to use a local variable for splitting the series. Look at the function signature and uptate your code inside train_val_split.

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I have updated the code and used the local variable(time_step).

The issue is resolved now.

Thank you very much !

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My first submission had a score of 79/100 with the following:
Train_val_split 0/10
evaluation metrics:
My answer: mse: 13.57, mae: 2.26
Expected: mse: 12.53, mae: 2.20
So I refreshed the notebook and resubmitted. Now I have a grade of 0/100!
I am lost. I have searched through previous posts and cant find an answer.
Please give me some guidance