Coursera lab notebooks on local Jupyter - weird behaviour

I have a weird behaviour that I have seen with notebooks that I download from Coursera labs to run on my local PC (Conda Jupyter) environment.

Basically the notebook opens fine on my local machine. However, if I click in a cell to try and execute it, the cell just turns blank! There is nothing there. I can close and reopen the notebook - same behaviour. The weird thing is that it only happens with some notebooks, not all.

Any ideas?

Ok, I think I can answer my own question in case somebody runs into this issue.

Anaconda navigator v2.6.0 does not have a tile to install Jupyterlab (it used in older versions). Instead you can install Anaconda Toolbox which installs a version of Jupyterlab (v3.6.X). That version creates this weird behaviour.

I installed Jupyter v4.2.0 via Conda-forge and I can confirm that the notebooks now load and run fine.

Thanks for your report.