Create_model function in C3W1_Practice_Assignment Course 3 NLP specialization (NLP with Sequential Models)

Why am I getting the following error:: —

This is not C3W1 of Natural Language specialization, just checked it!

Simply this error tells you that your input shape is not right as per the model built! Also you are not allowed to publish code solutions even if it might be wrong, so remove it!

Expected shape is (None, 51) and your actual inputs is (32, 9534)!

Requesting you to have a check this notebook is the practise one in course 3 week 1

and just let me know if at all I do need to know what is wrong in my code, where can i ask in the forum

Hi @gent.spah

This assignment is now not a graded assignment in the updated course version. Only for practice.

@Atharv_Gulati Kindly make sure you do not post any codes related to assignment or post any notebook on public post threads, it is against community guidelines.


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