Create new ML project

I am interested in creating a new ML project. I am a begineer and I am in early stage of learning and want to collaborate with someone to do the project. If someone is interested to work with me then you can privately message me.


Hi Samiadhikari, I’m also learning ML. I would like to collaborate with you on the ML project so that we can work together and share our observations. please let me know if we can connect and discuss on the project

I am learning and getting knowledge about LLM’s and taking courses . I will love to build project in collaboration .

I am thinking about an oral cancer detection project. Do you have any ideas related to this topic?

Sorry, I don’t have any idea about this Project, as I never studied about cancer.

Hi @rupesh01 @samiadhikari I would like to be a part of this, I am more focused on LLM powered applications. We can brainstorm and come up with ideas. Any common platform for easy communication?