Criteria for splitting :

Forward to 4:55

Why was Whiskers Feature chosen on RHS , why can’t we still use Face Shape as it picked for left side splitting which had higher Information Gain.

Because on the RHS, Whiskers had the highest information gain. You calculate information gain for each node individually.


Thanks Wendy.
I have another qn, Wonder if I should create a new thread or I can continue on same thread to ask qns on this weeks videos?

I am lost on the benefits of predicting a number using decision tree.
Could we not use Linear or perhaps softmax Logistic regression ? I am seeing trees, but I am missing the forest here. :slight_smile:


I’m afraid I don’t have any great insights about when it would make sense to choose a decision tree vs linear regression. Decision trees are popular - at least in places like Kaggle. I suspect this is partly because they make it easier to visualize what’s going on inside the model.

There’s further discussion about this topic on this thread:

As far as your first question, in general, it’s better to make a new post for new questions. That makes it easier for mentors to notice your post, which means you’ll get a quicker response. It also can make it easier for learners to find the post in the future if they have the same question.

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