Data and Deployment Specialization

In the Data and Deployment specialization, javascript is being used heavily in the first course (atleast, till now). And I don’t know javascript (as of now).

There are many things in the ungraded assignments around the code that I don’t understand. But I get the overall functionality.

Should I learn javascript before proceeding further with the course or is it fine to just understand what’s there in the assignments (ungraded and graded) on a high level?

But when it comes to coding what I am learning, I will have to use what’s already there in the ungraded assignment and tweaking a little bit according to the needs.

Is this a good way to proceed for now?

What do you recommend?

@balaji.ambresh Could you please comment on this?

I don’t know what you want from the specialization. Please look at your recent topic, and figure it out.

the code does not work, there are a lot of incomprehensible errors, while I did everything correctly. where should I run my file? I have to guess what will be the result? it’s easier for me to find a ready-made answer, and not spend the whole evening on this slag.

Can you please elaborate the question?