Data-centric AI: Real World Approaches

Earlier in March, Dr. Andrew Ng spoke to the ML community on shifting from a Model-centric approach to a Data-centric approach to AI: MLOps: From Model-centric to Data-centric AI. In an effort to help move the AI community toward the use of good data when using MLOps tools, we are excited to invite you to join us at the live event Data-centric AI: Real World Approaches at 10am PT on Aug 11.


In this event, industry experts will be joining Andrew to share their views as well as real world use cases on how they have elevated data-centric approaches to improving the performance of machine learning models.

This event is a special collaboration between DeepLearning.AI, FourthBrain, Landing AI and AI Fund (all founded by Dr. Andrew Ng and/or backed by the AI Fund).

Event agenda (*subject to change):

  • 10-min: Keynote speech: Andrew Ng, Founder, DeepLearning.AI; Founder and CEO, Landing AI; Managing General Partner, AI Fund

  • 60-min Panel discussion:

  • 20-min Q&A

If you’d like to discuss with other learners on data-centric AI, go to the category on our Discourse here

Hope to see you at the event!