Deep Learning & Art: Neural Style Transfer

Can anyone please help me how to resolve this error

Thanks in advance

Please post the entire assert log. That looks like just a small portion of it.

I believe that line of code has been modified incorrectly.

It should be " … a_G.shape.as_list()" not “get_shape()”

sir the total error is

yes sir error was gone sir by using a_G.shape.as_list()
Thanks a lot sir for help me

Sir but it is coming like this please help me sir

Please post the entire assert stack message.

sir I filled this following code code in the compute_layer_style_cost function

and I filled the following code in the train_step() function
Then I got this error sir

Your code in train_step() is incorrect.
You should call “compute_style_cost()”, not “compute_layer_style_cost()”.

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Tried all the above steps but the above mentioned assertion error is still there. Can you please help with this