Deep Learning Course2_week3_Tensorflow Ex1

I have just initialized the W, X, b and Y matrices but seem to be having an error.
Pls help.

Can you share the code via personal DM


I am getting the same issue and I have the same results as @Anurag_Jalan


Hello Malik,

I think the confusion about the code for you happened because of the explanation given before the grader cell this

X = tf.constant(np.random.randn(3,1), name = "X")

But the grader cell clearly mentions first you only need to initialise X, w, b. So you don’t need to apply the tf.constant to the initialising code for your X,w,b. Please remove the name= in all the initialiser code line

Your code is a 4 line
so 3 lines gone in initialising your code

4th line is your result of computing wX +b. these are the instructions given to use functions
You might find the following functions helpful:

  • tf.matmul(…, …) to do a matrix multiplication
  • tf.add(…, …) to do an addition
    When you are using these function codes remember your equation is wX+b and not w(x+b).

Let me know once you clear the test

Keep Learning!!!

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@Deepti_Prasad Your answer to Malik’s question helped me find the error . I was intializing Y =tf. Variable…

Happy to Help!!!



Thank you! I got mine fixed as well.