Deep Neural Network Application assignment

I passed all the test in the notebook, however in “My submission” the grade is 50/100 and grader output is : ERROR] Interrupting kernel
[ValidateApp | ERROR] Timeout waiting for execute reply (30s)

please help otherwise I will need to quit the course …

Hi Gilberto,

Could you please specify which specialization and which course you are referring to?

This is Course 1, Week 4, Assignment #2. He gives the title of the assignment in the title of the post. I’ve edited the category and subcategory, but it’s probably a little late for @gbernale. Sorry we missed this 29 days ago, but there’s a lot of traffic on Discourse. No guarantee that any particular question will get answered in a timely fashion.

If you are still listening @gbernale, the typical cause of passing the tests in the notebook, but failing the grader, is that you are “hard-coding” some parameter values to the values that happen to match the test case or referencing global variables instead of the parameters being passed in. E.g. saying learning_rate = 0.0075 on the calls from the top level model routines to the lower level functions. That means you are ignoring the value actually passed in.