Deploying ML MODEL

Hello everyone,

I have a friend who recently made a career shift from a mechanical engineering background with 5 years of experience to a data scientist role in a manufacturing company. Currently, he is the sole data scientist among IT support professionals.

He is facing a challenge when it comes to deploying machine learning models, particularly on on-premises servers for a French manufacturing branch located in Chennai. Both of us have little to no knowledge about deploying models.

Could you please share your insights and guidance on what steps and resources are needed for deploying a machine learning model on on-premises servers? Specifically, we are looking for information on how to publish the results within the company’s servers. Any recommendations, tools, or best practices would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Is it that the one side is in French and the other side is in Chennai? If yes, how is this 2 sides connected? Through the Telco or ? And what is your objective? I believe this had to involve folks from the Infra team righ? Just my opinion.