Difference between multi label and multi class classification

what is the difference between multiclass and multilabel classification problem?

Not the same. @ASHISH_KUMAR_MISHRA multiclass will give probabilities to each class and they will add up to 1. For multilabel each probability of each label can range from 0 to 1. e.g. multiclass: input (picture of cat), output (P(cat) = 0.9, P(dog) = 0.05, P(chicken) = 0.05, assuming the classes are cat, dog, and chicken.
e.g. multilabel: input (picture contains a cat and a dog in it), output (P(cat)=0.87, P(dog) = 0.95, P(chicken)=0.001), assuming the labels are cat, dog, and chicken.

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Indeed, my response was incorrect.