Different Results by TensorFlow on Jupyter vs Mac-Same Code

I am running Tensor flow Version 2.5 on my Mac and the Jupyter notebook provided in the course is at version 2.0


I am using the exact same code on both the environments and the model summaries and input Numpy arrays match exactly.

However the exact same code on Jupyter notebook (running TF 2.0) gives me a 90% accuracy , whereas my mac running TF 2.5 is giving me 0.05% accuracy.

Not sure how this is possible.
Any insights would help with certification prep.

Thank you

Hi @DD4,
difficult to say without a look at your code. Can you send it here, to take a look?

Sent you the code via DM. Didn’t want to post the exercise solution here.

Also I verified that the data is the same by printing out the raw values of “images” and “labels” numpy arrays along with their dimensions. The two environments have the exact images/label arrays.

I guess you didn’t get any error, or message, right?

Anyway, first weird thing that I am seeing is that you expand dims even for the labels, which is wrong, so you should simply cancel :


This should help.

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Yes that did it.
Thank you for looking into this.
Could you please point me to any literature that talks about why we are adding an extra dim.
The exercise simply asks us to add a dimension and I agree that I overlooked the fact that we should not add it to the labels.

Trying to learn more.

Thank you

Glad it helped.
Well, if you are talking of the target dimension that you were already adding, CONV2D requires 3 dimensions, but the 3 dims that it requires are the dims of the image, like the RGB dims, so width x height x channels. But you are starting from, in this case for instance, sample x width x height, and the sample axis (the number of examples) is not part of the single image. So you actually had a 2 dimensions set of images and you needed to transform (28, 28) to (28,28,1). The labels of course had 1 dimension and they should stay that way. I always like going to the source, when I have doubts, meaning tensorflow.org, in this case:
tf.keras.layers.Conv2D  |  TensorFlow Core v2.7.0
Good luck with your course.

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Thank you very much.