DirectML for local Training

Does anyone have experience using TensorFlow-DirectML for completing the assignments in this course?
I’m hoping to run the assignments locally on my Windows machine and the training times are very slow so I was hoping to use my AMD GPU.

Hi @JonahD

IF you want to download the assignment on your local PC please follow this instructions Downloading your Notebook and Refreshing your Workspace

but if you will use tensorflow library to facilitate your assignment and this assignment tell you how to implement(deep learning algorithm) from scratch without tensorflow library…my advice is not to use tensorflow specially in first assignments in every course as this assignments is tell you how you can implement any deep learning algorithm from scratch so in the future if you want to do any task or any algorithm(not supported by tensorflow library) you can implement it from scratch and you will be able to enhance any deep learning algorithms

please feel free to ask any questions,

Hello Jonah,

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Here’s a link that could be useful to you though it won’t actually suffice your query in every aspect.