Discussion! I need your help in deciding a problem statement for my third-year project

I am currently a third-year B. Tech in Computer Science student and I needed some ideas and feedbacks in deciding the problem statement of my project.
I was inspired by the Week-3 Programming Assignment of the CNN course of DLS to take self-driving car as a third-year project but after review 1 of this project the reviewer said it’s vast topic to be taken as a project at my level and also I need to go into the specific of the problem statement like “Safety prevention mechanism in a self driving car”, " Traffic Signal and Sign Recognition", " Lane Change Decision-Making" etc.

Sounds like the reviewer has some good ideas.

Yeah the reviewer was not impressed with the topic chose and is indeed correct with view of going into the specifics

Do you have any idea to suggest me on this topic? Also do you got any idea how I could get more interactions or any other platform where there can be active interaction for the discussion of this topic

I don’t have any suggestions for this.