DL Course 1, Week 3, Exercise 2

Hello, This is a beginner question but I am trying to understand why n_x = 5 and n_y = 2 in the below code. It doesnt seem to match up with the Neural Network model. Earlier in the exercise the shape of X and Y was this:

The shape of X is: (2, 400)
The shape of Y is: (1, 400)

{moderator edit - solution code removed}


The layer_sizes function is a general purpose function. They are writing a test case that tests it as a general purpose function. There’s no reason that the dimensions used in the test case have to agree with the particular size and shape of the dataset used here. It should work correctly with any inputs, right?

Immediately after the function I used:

print(layer_sizes(X, Y))

and got the answer I was expecting. (2, 4, 1).

Thank you.