DLS[4] Week [1] 1st Programming exercise: Exercise 3 - conv_forward

In Ex3 I’m getting this error, I’m kinda stuck , any tips?

At this point you can just sum up the weights and add the biases to the Z (instead of calling the function conv_sigle_step())
This exercise took me a long time too :sweat_smile:


Can you check your initialisation of Z? Seems to me that it might not have been initialised with the correct shape.


Oh you’re right. Instead of initialize it with current n_H and n_W, I initialized it with n_H_prev and n_W_prev.
Thanks man

No problem, do delete the screenshot though since it does contain part of your solution. Good luck for the rest of the course!


This was so helpful, even without seeing any code, I realized that by using the function we’d written previously, I was duplicating a step!