DLS 4 week 1 PA1

Unable to get the correct output for the sequential API .
How to give input to your happy model?
I gave it as an argument for the first layer but that gives a syntax error.
Please help.
Error: Unable to instantiate classes

For the sequential model, you’re creating a python list of the layers.
So inside the square brackets each layer is defined and separated by commas.
You do not need to pass any data arguments - just define the layers.

So where are we supposed to mention the input shape of the RGB image? isn’t it supposed to be defined in the ZeroPadding layer? I’m getting a syntax error when I pass one of the arguments in my tfl.ZeroPadding2D as input_shape = (64,64,3)
Please guide me with the steps for this exercise. Thank You

The shape=… argument should be inside the ZeroPadding2D(…) layer. You don’t pass it as a data argument.

And Conv2D(…) should not have a shape argument.

The sequential model definition doesn’t use any data parameters - data is passed only when the model is called.