DLS C1 Week 3 assignment

Though my answers are as the expected output, it still shows the error as ‘Wrong values for W1’. Below is the screenshot of the error.

That means you did not pick up the new version of that notebook or else you modified the template code. Note that in the function initialize_parameters, the call to set the random seed should be commented out or just deleted. If you are setting the random seed to 2 in that function, it causes the test to fail.

Note that when you get a new version of the notebook, it does not work to just rename your old copy over the new version. If you do that, you lose the changes that the course staff made to the given “template” code. That is probably what happened here. You need to “Copy/Paste” over just your completed code from the “START HERE/END HERE” blocks.

It is a bug in the notebook that the expected values match in this case. A fix is in the works for that problem.

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The problem’s solved. As suggested, i removed np.random.seed(2) in initialize_parameters.
Thank You