DLS Course 1, Week 2 Programming Assignment ( Cat)

I am passing all the tests above , except for model, It seems that shape of X and W are not matching. Should I reshape X or what should be the process. Kindly guide


Hi @Ambivert
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This error say the the dimensions of matrix multiplication isn’t correct because you are passing an invalid parameters when you call function optimize in the function model, so that make sure you used the variables that send you in the function model(not the local variables) to make your code generalize


Thank you, I realised I put X instead is X_train and same for Y , but now it shows my 1st element of the weight array is wrong . I cannot trace this error

It is resolved, I was making the mistake of using dw, instead of w.
Thanks for your support!

@Ambivert I am happy to hear that you solved the problem :slight_smile: