DLS | Course 2 | Enrollment Issue

Hello, As I’m already enrolled in whole Deep Learning Specialization course on basis of financial aid and just completed Course 1. Can anyone tell how to start Course 2 or when will it start? because I’m not seeing any option for it.

Hello, Ali Aftab.

Though you might have enrolled for the entire DL specialisation, yet you have to enroll each time for each of the courses.

The second course is based on " Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter Tuning, Regularization and Optimization" by DeepLearning.AI. It’s a 3-4 weeks based course, where you will learn on tuning hyperparameters, regularization, use of dropouts, adam optimization, RMS prop etc in detail.

You are very much welcome to sign for this course!

Keep Learning!

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I have to apply for financial aid again and wait for it?

Yes, very much, for a period of two weeks atleast or as mentioned when you enroll for the course.