Dls course 2 week 2

unable to solve optimization methods please help anyone

Hello @Sudipta_Mukherjee1!
With the test case, we don’t have W3 but your code gives that KeyError. We have given that:

for l in range(1, L + 1):
# (approx. 2 lines)
# parameters["W" + str(l)] =  
# parameters["b" + str(l)] =     

Now think about it. Range is starting from 1, not 0, range(1, L + 1). So, do we need to call w or b by l or l+1?


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Another hint can be found in the below image.

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ok i solved it but now another syntax error occured please help

Hey @Sudipta_Mukherjee1,
Can you please DM me your implementation for the update_parameters_with_adam function?