DLS course 2 - wk 3 - lab - initialize_parameters() - syntax error

initialize_parameters() method is showing a syntax error at the line "b1 = " no matter what I do.
I am sure the syntax is correct.
I tried restarting the kernel and running all cells in sequence but the error remains at the same line.
If I swap W1 and b1 assignment lines of code, the syntax error shows up at “W1 =…” meaning there’s something wrong at the second assignment line (out of the 6 assignments W1, b1, …, W3, and b3 in the function) - but I don’t know what it is.

See screenshot of the error below … and please help

{moderator edit - solution code removed}

That kind of error at the beginning of the line means that the actual error is on the previous line: your parentheses don’t match. You have 3 open, but only 2 close parens on all those lines.

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Never mind…noticed it just after I posted the question. Thanks