DLS Course 3 wk 1 'bird detector' quiz - bug

I chose the right answer for q-14 (related to new bird species) but it gave me zero points.
I have a screenshot of my answer and the score/feedback I received after submission.
Who should I send it to?

Hey @ydsk1234,
Please DM me the question, your answer, and the score/feedback that you received, and we will proceed further.



I messaged you the screenshot that shows my answer and the feedback/explanation that the system gave (which is wrong).

I am having a similar problem. There seem to be two versions of question 14 that are contradictory in their correct answers/explanations. I selected incorrectly on the first version and assumed I could trust the provided explanation. When I retook the quiz I got a slightly different version of question 14. I chose my answer based on the feedback from the first quiz, but that was marked as incorrect too. The feedback on the second version seems to directly contradict the feedback on the first version. I am now thoroughly confused about what the correct answer should be.

Hey @mulinski,
Welcome to the community. In this question, you have to select the best option from the available options. You will find that although the question varies very little in the different variations, the options vary by a great extent, and hence, the most suitable option also changes along with the variation. I hope this makes sense. Please try the quiz again, and read all the options to select the most suitable one. If you still feel any confusion, and require some further aid with the explanation of the different options, feel free to DM me. For DM, click on my name and select “Message”.