DLS course5, wk1, Dinosaur Island lab -- need a hint

I am getting an error (probabilities do not sum to 1) after I ravel y.
Please give me a hint on where I could be wrong?

screenshot of the error:

my code looks somewhat like:----

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Hi @ydsk1234 ,

I see a few things that will need to be reviewed.

First, I am seeing you are using “<=” to assign values.

The “<=” is a logic operator that means “less or equal than”.

To assign a value, you should use “=”.

For example, if you type “a <= 1” you are asserting that a is less or equal to 1.
But if you type “a = 1” then you are assigning the value ‘1’ to the variable ‘a’.

The second item to check is the initial definitions of ‘x’ and ‘a_prev’ - make sure you are initializing them with the right shapes.

Finally, it goes against the code of conduct of this community to post your code. Please remove your code.



<= is a weird syntax I made up just so people can’t copy-paste the code, i know it’s =, and you won’t see the errors I posted if <= is used instead of =

hope you see the actual error I pasted in the original post

Got it, then check out my second item I mentioned above. You are not initializing x and a_prev properly.

x = np.zeros((Wax.shape[1], 1))
a_prev = np.zeros((n_a, 1))

x is a 1-hot vector and so the second dimension is 1
please give me any more clues…

This is what you got in the first post,


But based on your latest post, you have updated the initialization of a_prev, do you still receive the same error message? If so, the message says “probabilities do not sum to 1”, then what does it sum to?


I have tried the following:

idx = np.random.choice(range(y.shape[0]), p= np.ravel(y[0])) # same error when p=np.ravel(y[1])

and I get the following error:

ValueError: ‘a’ and ‘p’ must have same size

Hi @ydsk1234

From the error trace above, the problem is in the way how np.random.choice() is called.
For step3, the index of a character is within the vocabulary from the distribution y. So to make the np.random.choicest() call, the parameters needed are the range(vocabulary size), and y, which has to be a 1-D vector, hence the call of y.ravel() or np.ravel(y).

Hi @ydsk1234 ,

Looking at the output generated, the first time going through the while loop, there is no problem in executing the statement:
idx = np.random.choice(range(vocab_size), p= np.ravel(y))
However, on the 2nd time it went through the while loop, valueError is raised because there is a mismatch of a and p.
Within the while loop, x is changed, and x is used in the calculation of a that eventually produced y. And the offending line is :
x = np.zeros(Wax.shape[1])
making x a 1D array of vocab_size without specifying what that array is. In step 1 of your code,
x = np.zeros((Wax.shape[1], 1)), you specified x is a column vector of vocab_size number of elements. That change in x is causing the problem.

To make the code easier to read, may I suggest you use vocab_size consistently across the code.

Here is a post on vector written by one of our mentors that you may find useful.

using vocab size for shape consistently solved the problem … thank you.

Hi @ydsk1234 ,

Which variables have you changed to use vocab_size?