Don't get which line of code compute Sigmoid's gradient

Hey, should you need to manually get the derivatives of the sigmoid function?

Like in this one, didn’t get which line of code you figure our sigmoid’s derivatives

 for i in range(m):
        f_wb_i = sigmoid([i],w) + b)          #(n,)(n,)=scalar
        err_i  = f_wb_i  - y[i]                       #scalar
        for j in range(n):
            dj_dw[j] = dj_dw[j] + err_i * X[i,j]      #scalar
        dj_db = dj_db + err_i
    dj_dw = dj_dw/m                                   #(n,)
    dj_db = dj_db/m                                   #scalar

The lectures give the equation for the partial derivatives. You only need to implement them.

It’s the line that does essentially ((f - y) * x). For the weights, it’s equation (3) here.

(2) and (3) are essentially the same equation, if you grant that for the bias, (2) is equivalent to (3) if you set a feature value of 1.