DotProductAttention UNC_C1: Is mask boolean or numeric?

Hi there,

I am confused whether mask is supposed to be boolean or numeric –

The in notebook example, as well as code in rest the assignment (particularly UNQ_C3) implies it should be boolean, but the unit test code for UNQ_C1 supplies a numeric mask:


Please let me know if I have caught a bug, or whether I am misunderstanding the instructions.

Thank you :slight_smile:


I am now wondering if the unit tests for UNC_C1 are perhaps outdated.

My function perfectly matches the output in the notebook:

And I now notice that the expected outputs in the unit tests are a bit too perfect (see image in original post)…

I thought attention was supposed to be a weighted sum of the key/value embeddings that β€œmatch” the query embeddings.

From this understanding one would expect the output numbers to be less perfect than β€œ1.0”, β€œ2.0”, etc.

Am I missing something here? I would love some clarity, thank you!


I ended up passing the assignment with a 90% score!

Turns out ignoring the failing unit test for UNC_C1 had no downstream effects, which leads me to believe the unit tests for that task might be a bit off.

It would be great for the course staff to look into this issue.

Thanks again!

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