Doubt - Sequence Models W2 lecture

In Sequence models course, “Embedding Matrix” video at time 1:10 Andrew creates 1 hot vector O6257 of size (10k, 1).

In Matrix E, O6257 was orange word and it’s size is (300, 1) so how it went from (300, 1) to (10k, 1)?

Thanks in advance Mitesh

Hello @Mitesh!

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Oh Sorry and Thanks.

I believe you’re referring to this slide from the Week 2 lecture.

The operator I’ve pointed to with the arrow is a dot product.

Thanks for replying.
I know that is a dot product.
But I am confused about the term O6257 in E (Dot Product) O6257.

If you see in slide, on the right side Andrew has drawn vector O6257 with size (10000, 1) But in Matrix E, if you see Orange 6257 is of length 300 only.
My thinking is that if Andrew has drawn O6257 from Matrix E then it should be of size (300,1).

Please explain. Thanks.

He hasn’t drawn O6247 from the E matrix. It is the one-hot vector that identifies the word from the vocabulary. That’s shown in the right-hand column in the figure.