Doubts about CNN Example *CORRECTION* (course mod attention please)

I have doubts with this explanation found inside CNN Example CORRECTION

  1. In the FC3, 48001 should be 400*120 + 120 = 48120, since the bias should have 120 parameters, not 1

  2. Similarly, in the FC4, 10081 should be 120*84 + 84 (not 1) = 10164

(Here, the bias is for the fully connected layer. In fully connected layers, there will be one bias for each neuron, so the bias become In FC3 there were 120 neurons so 120 biases.)

To me in fully connected layers each neuron has 1 weighted connection to each element in the input layer + 1 bias, The explanation under the CNN Example CORRECTION is not too clear.

Also the way in which this message is written in English is a bit unclear : so the bias become In FC3 there were

Please provide details about which resource / lecture (including timestamp) you are referring to.