Download all slides of this course

Dear all,
is there a way to download all slides of the course Advanced Learning Algorithms?
For Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification this was possible, which i appreciate a lot.

Thanks in advance for any help
kind regards

Hi @Norbert_Kirchgessner,

Please take a look here.


Hi @Mubsi
many thanks for your superfast help
I had a quick look at C3 as i do not want to ask the same question again but I unfortunately did not find those slides. Are they first accessible when i started the course?

Kind regards

Hi Norbert! You can find the Course 3 slides here. The classroom item which contains the link to this community mentions that the slides can be found in the MLS Resources section. Hope this helps!

Thank you. My request would be the same as Norbert’s, but for C1 (the first course)."

Thx, Chris Following your comments/advice, I have achieved it

Hi Chris,
thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

kind regards