Download code files in course

I am doing the course
Building Generative AI Applications with Gradio

How do I download the code in the course?

Click on Menu → File → Download as → Notebook (ipynb) or any other format you like.

Thanks so much @ saifkhanengr

Its working in Edge!

PS: It did not work in my default browser Opera for some reason

Glad to know its working in Edge but I recommend using Chrome as sometimes Edge shows some error like missing submit button etc.

Hey, i am trying to download the code but it keeps giving me error . I am being able to download some of the codes but most of them are giving error while trying to download

What error do you see? Screenshot? And, which browser you are using?

Hi @saifkhanengr, it occurs also at my side.
Running in Safari. Downloading the python code (.py).
Instead of that a file is downloaded (as in the other short courses), here it opens a new window which is blank:

this is the error that comes when i try to download the fille
Plus i am using Chrome as my default browser

I’m shifting this from General Discussions to Building Generative AI Applications with Gradio

Hello @Abdullah_Ch @HenryB

Can you please try a private/incognito window? Or another device?

Hi @saifkhanengr,

Same error in FF private window.

Strange, the last course ‘L5_Chat_with_any_LLM’ is downloadable.

Hello @Mubsi! Can you please assist @HenryB and @Abdullah_Ch to download their notebook? Or need to tag someone else? This is a short course, I haven’t taken it yet. Thank you!

I tried on another device and on incognito mode still facing the error and on same codes even on different device ,so maybe there is something within the code that is causing that error