Download Video or Notebook issue

Hi everyone,

I am finishing the course and I hope to download Jupyter notebook and videos for later review. However, it seems like:

  1. Downloading video is fine.
  2. Downloading jupyter notebook is not working, neither the making a copy or a save as option. (They both only give one pop up blank pages).
    Is it intentional or is there any issue?

I am using macOS with Chrome.

If anyone could help thank you in advance.

Best regards,

I am not sure whether the short courses allow you to download the notebooks after you have completed the course.

I know that the standard-length courses do not.

Thank you Tmosh, but it is just sad that because people can literally copy paste everything if needed. It is no need to put an obstacle for people want to learn.

As I said, I do not know for certain how the short courses work.

For the standard courses, you have plenty of opportunities to download everything.

  • You can download the notebooks before you complete the course.
  • But you lose access once you finish the course.