Enterprise Business Analytics Governance with AI using Natural Language LangChain, ChatGPT-4o,LLAMA3

Implementing a business analytics governance system using generative artificial intelligence for the generation of KPI’s can provide companies with a significant competitive advantage.

Thanks to AI Generative now all areas/departments of an organization can access with natural language to all the information of our business areas, either unstructured information such as pdfs, text files, audio, images, videos, or structured as databases (Oracle, SQL Server, Snowflake, Cassandra, MongoDB, Hive, SAP Hana, BigQuery among others).

In the scenario presented, 4 important KPI’s were generated from 4 information systems with relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL) as well as their respective Dashboard, these KPI’s were generated from indications in natural language, and the dashboard was generated online from the results generated by the AI Generative (LangChain-LLM).

Some KPI’s,
Financial: Revenue, profit margin, return on investment (ROI).
Operational: Supply chain efficiency, cycle times, capacity utilization.
Marketing and sales: Conversion rate, cost per customer acquisition (CPA), customer lifetime value (CLV).
Human resources: Employee retention rate, employee satisfaction, time to fill vacancies.
The possibilities are endless now thanks to Generative AI and even more using natural language.

best regards.