Error 404 "file cannot be found"

How do I recover my course 4 week 2 assignment on Jupiter. I was trying to refresh it. I renamed it then deleted the original assignment file. Now all I’m getting when I attempt to open it again is error 404 "file cannot be found. I can’t even access the copy I made of it. Please help. Thanks.

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Hey @Tmurayi , please be mindful about posting your queries in the right category. You are posting your query in the General Discussions - AI new, jobs, career advice category. This category is not monitored by our mentors. Your specific query belongs to DLS Course 4.

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For now, I have moved your post in the DLS Course 4 category. For future, in order to get swift responses, post in the appropriate categories.

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As for what you asked for. You can find the procedure here.

Thank you Muhammad. I got to solve my problem following the instructions.

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