Error in C1_W1_Lab_1_introduction_to_numpy_arrays slicing description

When describing slicing, the notebook incorrectly states that

if no value is passed to end, it is assumed that end = length of array - 1

It should be end = length of array

From the docs:

If j is not given it defaults to n

But counting of elements in an array starts from 0 not 1, the nth element wont exist.

The documentation reported by Izak_van_Zyl_Marais on slicing says:

“The basic slice syntax is i:j:k where i is the starting index, j is the stopping index, and k is the step”


“Assume n is the number of elements in the dimension being sliced … If j is not given it defaults to n for k > 0 and -n-1 for k < 0.”

where, as already mentioned, n is the number of elements (without subtracting 1).

In fact, since the slice function stops to (j-1) index, if j is not given it should be j = n = length of array, in order to slice till the (n-1)-th position in the array, where there is the last element.