Error in C2_W1 Practice Lab

Hello when trying to launch the lab for the C2_W1 Practice Lab I get the following error : " Code Cell UNQ_C3: Unexpected error (NameError(“name ‘A_out’ is not defined”)) occurred during function check. We expected function my_dense_v to return type <class ‘tuple’>. Please check that this function is defined properly. " What can I do to fix that ?

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  1. Please don’t post your code on the Forum. That’s not allowed by the community standards. I can edit your post to remove the code.
  2. First check whether your code is indented correctly.

I check my code is indented correctly, that is true
but I don’t know, I get this error!!!

Hi @Fatemeh_Rahmani you can try to follow this approach to solve your issue:

  1. Review your code, on the error message it provides you with a guide where the error is, the function my_dense_v is not correctly define, so you can explore and check the question and try to think how can you do it differently.

  2. Watch the lectures again and see if you missed something, usually is a great place to find an answer

  3. If you are still stuck you can ask for a hint in the section below the question, try to compare with your answer and implemented yourself, it would give you a great learning opportunity to learn from your mistakes

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot
I am confident in my code and all cells are running correctly. But I don’t know why I get this error in the grade section. And the grade of this section is reduced

Ok @Fatemeh_Rahmani You can send me a private message with your code and see if I can help you a little more.

Hi @Fatemeh_Rahmani

This error because function my_dense_v(A_in, W, b, g): as you didn’t put any thing in A_out(did’t use A_out(the return value))…so
first you should compute z= A_in * w (hete you can use np.matua() to do matrix multiplication)+ b …after that you should computer the result of activation function g(z)
And put the result in A_out

Please feel free to ask any question,

Hello @Fatemeh_Rahmani . This error also happened to me because the lines of code were not written exactly below each other.