Error in C2-W4 Exercise 2

I encountered an error when I was trying to test my split_dataset function. (shown below)

FileNotFoundError : [WinError 2] “dot” not found in path.

If I make the code line generate_split_viz(root_indices, left_indices, right_indices, feature) a comment, the testing cell can smoothly run and return All tests passed..

I wonder how to deal with the FileNotFoundError I met. Thanks.

Hi @CHEN_Yixi , try rerunning the first cell, which imports different libraries and then rerun other cells.
FileNotFoundError occurs when you try to access a file or folder which does not exist. As generate_split_viz function is in file, you should import utils file first.

Maybe that’s because I do my assignment on my VS Code instead of the web page. When I submitted my homework and run it online, it didn’t return the error…

If you want to run the code on your local computer then you have to download and file also. Here is a thread for making it work on your computer.