Error in computing_metrics function (incompatible shapes)

I am facing this error when running the computing_metrics function:

InvalidArgumentError: Incompatible shapes: [361,32] vs. [361] [Op:SquaredDifference]

The function receives this parameters:

mse, mae = compute_metrics(series_valid, rnn_forecast)

It seems “series_valid” and “rnn_forecas” are not having the same shape, but I don`t really understand why. I have not touched the definition of those functions in the notebook.


Boris Martínez

Your model output is incompatible with the validation series. Please ensure that your model produces the correct number of features per timestep at the output layer.

Here are a couple of examples to interpret the output shape:

  1. (10, ): model produces 10 timesteps of output with 1 feature per timestep
  2. (10, 32): model produces 10 timesteps of output with 32 features per timestep.

Yes, thank you very much. I solved the issue!