Error in djmodel function of Jazz Improvisation assignment

I am getting the below error while I am running that djmodel function part.Anyone who knows this issue,Could you please help me to sort out this thing.

Test failed at index 1
Expected value

[‘Lambda’, (None, 90), 0]

does not match the input value:

[‘TensorFlowOpLayer’, [(None, 90)], 0]---------------------------------------------------------------------------AssertionError Traceback (most recent call last)
in 1 # UNIT TEST 2 output = summary(model)----> 3 comparator(output, djmodel_out)

~/work/W1A3/ in comparator(learner, instructor) 26 “\n\n does not match the input value: \n\n”, 27 colored(f"{a}", “red”))
—> 28 raise AssertionError(“Error in test”) 29 print(colored(“All tests passed!”, “green”)) 30

AssertionError: Error in test

You don’t need a lambda layer to slice the input. You can use the regular Python/numpy slicing syntax, which maintains the Input as object type. Before applying the slicing syntax, make sure you pay attention to the dimensions of input X to avoid other errors.


hey can you just explain the solution a bit ?
I am facing the same issue!

Hi @vjmalkoti ,

What error messages are you getting?
The implementation note for ex1 explained all the steps, please refer to the note on the input layer for details.
Let’s know if anything is unsure.

@Kic no errors for me. I was just suggesting some code corrections to OP.