Error in grading even after making changes with respect to global variables

I have made changes in the week 3 get_country function. Still the autograder is not grading my assignment. Kindly assist in solving the issue.

Here is a thread that describes the most common error on this function. If that’s not it, then you need to give us more information about your situation. E.g. start by showing us what the “Show Grader Output” gives you.

I have changed the variable name to embeddings instead of word_embeddings so that I only reference the local variables. Still it wouldn’t work. Kindly provide detailed instructions.

Would happily accept assistance in private DMs.

Please realize that the mentors cannot directly see your notebooks. Please show us what the error is. Just saying “I have a problem” doesn’t give us anything to respond to. Do the tests in the notebook pass? Is it only the grader that fails? What do you see when you click “Show Grader Output?”

I apologize for the inconvenience. The test cases pass in the notebook it’s just that when I submit the test. The autograder gives 0/10 in get_country and get_accuracy cells. Due to the get_country function the get_accuracy ultimately doesn’t pass. I know about the references but still can’t get pass this.

And you’re sure that you have removed all references to word_embeddings from your get_country logic? Note that you need to reference embeddings in quite a few places there and you have to be consistent.

I may have made some mistakes. Would you kindly mentor to check the code?

As I mentioned before, we cannot see your code. I will send you a DM about how to proceed.

To close the loop on the public thread, there was one remaining instance of word_embeddings, as I suggested above.