Error in quiz after PEFT techniques 2: Soft prompts

The quiz claims that peft does not address challenges with model performance. This is obviously incorrect and should be changed. The entire purpose of fine-tuning is to increase model performance on certain tasks.

It means that PEFT is an external part added to the model, not the model itself, the model is not affected by PEFT!

it does address model performance directly. That’s the entire point of fine tuning. Consider changing wording accordingly.

Unleashing the Potential of PEFT (Parameter efficient fine tuning) in training large language models | by Venkata sai santosh | Medium.

Great article. Thanks for the additional info. If I weren’t so argumentative I suppose I would let this go. I am fully aware that PEFT does not change the foundation model. The question was what challenges does PEFT address? One of the possible answers is model performance. The entire point of PEFT is to fine-tune the model to perform better on specific tasks, whether it alters your foundation model or not. If you’re not at all concerned about model performance on specific tasks you would not fine tune it. I contend the English is wrong. It is your product, however. Again thank you for taking the time to send that article.

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