Error in submission of MLS Course 1 Week 2 Assignment

I have tried to submit MLS Course 1 Week 1 Assignment and still giving me error even after getting the required output. The error message is shown below. I will be glad if someone can show me how to manipulate this error.

Error message: Cell #2 Can’t Compile the student’s code. Error: OSError(“data/ex1.data1.txt not found”).

Error: OSError(“data/ex1.data1.txt not found”

That’s not the correct file name. Did you perhaps modify the file in the notebook folder?

The correct name for that file is “ex1data1.txt”. That’s what the load_data() function in should say.


Or, did you possibly modify where the .txt data files are stored?

Yes, I did.
But I have restarted it by redownloading the code and went straight to editing the ones we are told to do only.
After running the code one by one, I was able to submit it successfully.