Error in the video

In Course 2 of the new machine learning specialization. I was watching the week one videos. When I get to the (Forward prop in a single layer) video I don’t get one thing. The thing is that after getting three activation values from the first layer of the neuron we are getting an array of 3 values but when we pass that array to the second and output neuron layer we need to take the dot product of the activation values array from the first layer to the weights of the second layer. As per my knowledge we can only take dot product between two arrays having same number of rows and same number of columns but in the video andrew just take two weights and take the dot product of weights with the activation value. I think there should be three weights to get the dot product done.
Kindly correct me If I am wrong.

Hey @najam_iqbal,
Welcome to the community. You are correct, and this issue has already been reported to the team. The team is working on fixing this issue. Thanks for bringing this up, I will follow up with the team regarding this.


Thanks @Elemento for replying to the post.