Error in Trainer for Ungraded 2 lab C4 W3

All cells up to the trainer cell work, but that gives the following error (running on colab):

ImportError: Using the `Trainer` with `PyTorch` requires `accelerate>=0.20.1`: Please run `pip install transformers[torch]` or `pip install accelerate -U

I tried the hint form the error message and installed accelerate, but the Trainer still gave the same error:

I also tried !pip install transformers[torch] as suggested, but all the requirements were already satisfied.

Hi @Izak_van_Zyl_Marais

I had the same problem (environment versioning). Maybe @Mubsi can take a look at it.

Hi @Izak_van_Zyl_Marais, @arvyzukai,

I have updated the lab. It should work now.


Thanks, it is working.